Jonnie Martel Local Family Man

“I try to treat everyone the same way I treat a friend.”


Jonnie Martel works as a WDC Appliance Sales Professional for about two years. He has always worked in sales; previously working at Ashley Furniture for about seven years. In that time, he managed to be the number two salesperson in the entire country. Although the financial gain is a big motivator for Jonnie, some of his favorite parts about the job are being able to take care of people and their needs. “Where can I have such a relaxed job, care for my customers, and make good money?”

Jonnie and his husband are big on family. He loves that he has time in the morning to get his kids ready for the day, drop them off, and still be home for dinner. Being the fourth generation from Santa Barbara, he understands the local community and what it means to incorporate them into the family. “I love Santa Barbara; I was born, raised, and will die here; this is my place.”

Visit Jonnie at the WDC Santa Barbara Showroom

Jonnie maintains that small-town feel and strives to form deeper connections with customers every day. He knows he must make more than just a sale, but also earn a loyal customer; one that will recommend him to their friends, family, and neighbors. That quality of service shows in the customers that come back and ask for Jonnie specifically by name. Some loyal customers have even gone as far as to write him handwritten notes, thanking him for the quality and genuineness of his service. “I try to treat everyone the same way I treat a friend.”

“I recently purchased an appliance from WDC Kitchen and Bath Center and was assisted by Jonathan Martel who could not have been more helpful. He answered all of my questions with information and transparency. When I called back to request some changes on the order, Jonathan was patient, understanding and completed the transaction with ease.”

-Yelp Review, 5/5/22, Marilyn G.

For anyone new to WDC or even to sales, Jonnie’s advice is to not take yourself too seriously. “If you come in with the mentality of, I need to be a shark, or I need to be this or that, you are going to tank.” Overall, Jonnie suggests taking it slow, guiding the customers, and just having some fun, but also setting the right expectations.

“WDC has given us all the tools and resources we need to be successful, and it is up to us to decide what to do with it. This company has set me up for success; I am truly grateful for what they have done.”

Jonnie has gone above and beyond in his short time at WDC. How he treats customers as more than just an opportunity to sell, but as a friend or part of the family, someone that needs some help is fantastic. You can see this in the countless examples of customers complimenting his service and requesting him specifically for their needs in the future. If you want to go somewhere where someone will make you laugh, feel like a friend, and genuinely want to help you get what you need, Jonnie Martel is the person for the job.

You can reach Jonnie at:

WDC Santa Barbara Showroom

3920 State St.
805-898-9883 ext: 1201
[email protected]

Jonnie has days off on Wednesdays and Sundays

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